How do I Create Custom Combination Location for a Map or Report

Juan Vasquez -

Combination Locations are locations that you create by combining multiple existing locations. For example, you might be interested in grouping two or three ZIP Codes together into one catchment area, or grouping several counties together into one sales territory. In this example, we will combine several ZIP Codes within central Boston, MA.

Note: Before following the below steps, it may be easier to have recently used the ZIP Codes in a project.


1. Within the Locations tab on the left, select Show by the "Custom Locations" text - and select Create New Combination Location. A prompt will appear.


2. Give your custom location a name. (i.e. My Research Area)


3. The 2nd step in the prompt will have a Clock icon - this represents your recently used Locations. You can quickly select them here OR, type in locations manually. Save.


You may now use this location within maps or reports by selecting View Your Custom Locations.


Map of the newly created custom combination location:



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