Business Point Listing Information

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The business points you see on a map or within a Business Report come from our data vendor, Dun & Bradstreet (D & B) and is updated monthly. There are two files available, and your library, university or business will subscribe to one or the other.

The D&B Points-of-Interest File (POI File)

This file contains over 5 million businesses and will specifically cover: places to go & eat, places to see, and things to do. Results outside of this list will be limited. For example, if you search for dental offices you may only return a small amount if any results.

The Complete D&B US Company Database

This file contains over 23 million businesses and includes additional fields of data including sales volume, and number of local employees. Searches here will return the full listing of businesses within any industry. 

Which file does your institution receive?

The fastest way to determine which file you receive is to hit the Advanced Business Search option within the Businesses block on the left. Select the NAME dropdown - if you see 3 choices, then you currently subscribe to the Points-of-Interest File. If you see 5 options, your institution receives the complete file.


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